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Viaminnet designs and manufactures eye-catching leather jewellery and accessories. We are passionate about leather, and sustainable design. Our striking and light jewellery has been designed with comfort and timelessness in mind, and all the pieces are handmade using soft leather.

Our inspiration comes from Nordic nature and its clean and simple beauty, and the strong and courageous Nordic women. We want to create affordable luxury for all women, and our accessories are an instant upgrade to any look or outfit. We design for women who are not afraid to be seen, and for those who need encouragement to stand out from the crowd.

Viaminnetin perustaja ja suunnittelija Minna Muhonen.


“When I made my first leather feather earrings using my kitchen scissors, I would have never guessed how popular they’d become. I design jewellery that I want to wear myself. The kind of jewellery that is great for both everyday life, and special occasions. I finish every outfit with a pair of eye-catching earrings, the same way someone else puts on colourful lipstick.

I love big statement earrings and clean, timeless design. Colourful earrings give courage to their wearer – newfound glow and boldness. The most wonderful moment is when someone who doesn’t usually wear earrings, puts them on, looks into the mirror, and has a new spark in their eyes.

My work is a mix of craftsmanship, creativity and business. I am endlessly inspired by confident women. Show me your feathers!”

Minna Muhonen, founder and designer