Nordic values guide everything we do. And that’s borne out by our design philosophy too. We draw on the Nordic lifestyle and the unspoilt nature of the Nordic landscape.

What do Nordic values mean to us?

OPENNESS. To us openness is honesty, responsibility and transparency.

FREEDOM. Everyone is able to be themselves, to realise and express themselves freely and look like the kind of person they want to be.

EQUALITY. Expanding your horizons reduces fear of the unknown. Anyone from any kind of background can forge ahead and change the world.

AUTHENTICITY AND NATURALNESS. Our design emerges from nature and we respect our environment. We make lasting, high-quality design organically.

Nordic women have these values in their blood. Viaminnet is the story of genuine, natural, strong women. The sort of women who take all their knowledge, determination, vision and bravery and use it to make their mark and change the world. The sort of women who dare to show all the facets of their character. Who care, accept difference and support each other. Who stand up for what they believe in and are visible. Each in their own way.