Viaminnet designs and manufactures showy, leather earrings, jewellery and other accessories. The products are made for timeless and more individualistic style. Leather jewellery can be a real eye catcher. Plain and clear design is combined with classic, yet showy colour combinations in these featherlight leather accessories. Statement jewellery is great for any occasion, even for daily life.
Sensibility and lightness are in the heart of Viaminnet earrings – you will never feel like you want to take them off. You will rather wake up from your beauty sleep still wearing your favourite pieces of earrings.
We are inspired by nature, the simple and beautiful shapes, the glowy colours of nature, the sun that is glimmering on water. All of our products are designed and manufactured in Finland from silky soft leather with quality steel details.
“When I made the first leather feather earrings with my kitchen scissors, I would have never believed that others would love them too. I design jewellery that I want to wear myself. The kind of jewellery that is great for everyday life and showy parties. I finish every outfit with earrings, the same way someone else adds on lipstick.
I love big statement earrings and clean, timeless design. Colourful earrings give a glow to the person. They give the person some courage. The most wonderful moment is when someone, who doesn’t usually wear earrings, puts them on, looks into the mirror and you see them grow and glow in a second.
My work is a mix of craftsmanship, creativity and business. Confident women inspire me endlessly.
Show me your feathers!”

Minna Muhonen
Designer, founder
Viaminnet Oy