Our new PEBBLES SS2022 collection is filled with pastel tones

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Inspired by the delicate pebble stones that decorate beaches and are revealed in spring when the snow melts, our new PEBBLES collection captures the beauty of nature as well as the joy of spring with its colour scheme full of pastel tones.

The collection comes in the classic tones of beige, black and white. The Spring-Summer colour edition is limited.

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Following our increasing steps towards sustainability, the new collection is handcrafted in Helsinki from 100% recycled leather.

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Spring and its fresh colour scheme bring along new style inspiration.

To celebrate the beginning of Spring we have added new colors to our beloved LUMME-collection, and both LUMME Midi Double and LUMME Grande are now available in summery yellow, turquoise and lavender.

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Discover the new earrings at our online store and our Helsinki boutique.

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In support of Ukraine

We let our support show.

As requested by our customers, as we know best #Showyourfeathers.

We were touched when our customers reached out to us and requested custom-made earrings to express their support to Ukraine. We decided to design earrings that display the beautiful colours of the courageous people, earrings that are created to raise funds and awareness for the people who need it.

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We will donate all profits from our WestandwithUkraine-jewellery to the children of Ukraine through the Save the Children Fund.

Eight years of Viaminnet

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Our first Feathers

Eight years ago...

We opened our boutique in Punavuori, Helsinki on the 14th of February 2014. We've come a long way since our first tiny store on Uudenmaankatu, and the journey has been filled with both highs and lows, as well as memorable successes.

Along the years we have grown a large network of retailers in Finland, Estonia, Japan and Faroe Islands, appeared on morning TV discussing our Suomi Areena partnership in 2019, successfully launched our online store, collaborated with multiple charity organizations, and sold our jewellery at our annual pop up-store at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. On top of that you may have seen us published on Korean Marie Claire, and on the website of Vogue Japan.

Today, we continue to design accessories that are comfortable to wear and have been made respecting the environment and our employees. All of our designs are inspired by the beauty of nature as well as the strong people we create them for.

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Our SADE collection is inspired by waterfalls

We are grateful for the past eight years, and we look forward to seeing what the future will bring. Thank you for being a part of our journey and success, and remember, #showyourfeathers.

Ajaton kimono - ylellinen lahja itselle tai hänelle

Kaunis ja elegantti kimono huokuu ajatonta arvokkuutta, ja sen hulmuavat helmat ovat täynnä historian havinaa. Yksinkertainen mutta koristeellinen kimono on helppo ja monikäyttöinen asuste, ja se tekee asusta kuin asusta hetkessä juhlavamman.


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Perinteisen japanilaisen tyylin lisäksi kimonon voi pukea myös väljästi ilman siihen yleensä kuuluvaa obi-vyötä, tai jakkumaisesti lyhennettynä. Katseenkääntävät korvakorut ja klassinen kimono ovat täydellinen yhdistelmä, ja voit nyt löytää omasi pop up -myynnistä Kruununhaan putiikistamme 23.12.21 saakka.

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The color blue and its festive elegance.

The color blue and its festive elegance remind us of the fast approaching Independence Day. Blue's serenity and grace give its carrier a sophisticated presence, and give a festive feel to any outfit. Blue and white are the colors of Finland - let's celebrate our beloved country together.

Add a dash of festive blue to your look effortlessly with a pair of blue earrings, and enjoy the Independence Day celebrations.

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Are you brave enough?

Do you want to be noticed and create a look that tells the world who you are with a single glance?

Are you brave enough to match Viaminnet earrings and necklaces? Show your feathers to us?

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