Viaminnet products are made using delicate materials. We recommend to handle the products with special care, as scratching and natural wear can occur. To maintain your products, use proper leather cleansing products. Apply the products with a proper brush and a soft cloth.

All types of leathers and metal accessories suffer from abrasion and crocking if not handled properly. Humidity, salt and atmospheric factors can cause permanent damage. Please, avoid direct contact with liquids and moisture in general. If the leather should get wet, let it dry and rub it gently with a soft cloth to maintain original color and avoid water spots.

Some materials such as suede and patent leather could color transfer. Please, avoid repeated contact with sunlight as fading may occur. When storing your jewellery, avoid wrinkles by storing it on a flat surface and aim to keep it in a dry place, out of direct sunlight. It is best to put your accessories on only after applying your cosmetic products. Our jewellery is light. Therefore, we recommend you attach the silicone stoppers provided with your earrings.

Tip: Viaminnet’s selection includes a jewellery case, ideal for storing your jewellery and/or taking it with you.